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Fortuna Battle emotional aftermath (Mark)

Cornerian Military Database Accessed...
Login: Markus
Password: ********
Confirm Password: ********
Password confirmed. Access granted.
Command> run logkeep.exe


Personal log:

This is maybe the start of a long and frightening career for me as an officer in the Cornerian Army. I dont know where to begin thoguh. Well, I'll start at the biggest chunk of it.

The other day the first fight in the war went underway over Fortuna. Andross sent a fleet to capture it, and we sent our own to meet it. It was unusual to send so many for an outpost with only a skeleton crew.

The battle was very costly for us. We lost about 70% of our forces to the Venomian fleet and while we got them to retreat I managed to take out one of their cruisers after loosing most of my wingmen. They also had a bioweapon with them and used it.

The bioweapon, a snake-like thing, destroyed one of our intact cruisers as if it was a twig. It was a monster.. It's armor.. It didnt take any damage from our weapons and while we found it's weak points in a scan, it took alot of time and fighters to kill it.. We only got lucky though.. It got a mouth full of laser when it tried to attack us and it blew up.. But it left me with a heavy heart for those that died.. I dont want to think about them alot.. It reminds me too much of their faces screaming in my dreams as they died. They deserve the awards for the fight if any, not me.. I have to go now.. Maybe I'll feel more myself when I get back..

End Log

Command> savefile
Command>close logkeep.exe
Command>logout Markus/shutdown
You have logged out.
Shutting down...

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Hey man, is this thing running? I tried logging on and I get no connection from my client.

What are you talking about *nakuru confused*
It's an IC log entry. In Character. The entry directly relates to an event inside an RPG (Role Playing Game) modled around the StarFox universe. The RPG itself is dormant, but I'm looking to get it moving again. Course I typoed alot in that entry, and it's quite old..
By the way star fox rules. It's my favorite game. Falco's my Favorite Character.
Well, you can join if you want. I'm the only admin left sitting there for most of the day anyway. The Headwiz (GM) pops in on fleeting daily occasions. Connect, sit a minute, disconnect.

The address you want is, port 4321. SimpleMU* and MUSHclient work well to connect to it. Telnet can as well, but it's kind of simplistic and screw-up prone.
That is everything but simpilistic. What does simplelistic mean?
Almost everyone knows what simplistic means. But it's basic. Very basic. No fancy things to make it look or act better. Telnet is simplistic because all it is is a black window with a blinking cursor. No options except to pick a host to connect to. Nothing else to make it preferable. And it's only meant for specific buisness access stuff as far as I know.
I knew that.
Thanx very much
Oh yeah. We also have a bit of an age requirement. Need to be at least 13 or 14 (I forget which, have to stab the headwiz to find out) to get a character.
I am 13. Ha. Annoying but yes 13.
Never underestimate someone who is going to take kendo.
I just found out that your Canadian. That is sooo cool.
I love Canada!
Actually, I'm not. o.O
That sucks

I'm sad.
Do you have a good sence of humor? My friend wants to know not me
Eh.. I was told my style of humor was lame. Like when the cartoon "Muppet Babies" was around. Of course, knowing Canadian TV restrictions (sucks really, missing some good shows because the restrictions don't allow for them on Canadian TV stations), you might not know about it.

That and I have little to crack a joke at anymore without getting a feeling that the attempt was very lame if not outright horrible. To a point where the only one who finds it amusing is just myself.
Thats sad. I'm sorry. Well if it makes you feel better we're laughing at you.

Plus I do know about the T.V. restition thing-a-ma-gigers.
I go up to Canada every year.
Bet the amusement is for the amount of spelling mistakes in the IC entry. o.O
What is the IC entry?

I don't know that much about computers.

By the way I'm truely suprised you didn't ask What Kendo is?
Teh main post you started this comment string on. The block of text near the top of this chain? And I already know what Kendo is. I watched some Ranma 1/2, and while the one swordsman in that anime is not the most sparkling representative of the school's kendo club, they do show him inside the club's training hall while a unch of students are swinging their bokkuen's over their heads in an exercise drill. I have two such wooden swords myself, but they're more for display than anything.
It's time to go to bed. I'm done. Let's continue this tomarow.You suck that you have two bokkuens.
I suck? It came in a set of two. Ebay is like that. :p And I wasn't looking for something high quality. Just cheap. I'll be busy tomarrow though, at least for most of the day. An IC community isn't something to hold a discussion in either. o.o;
By the way(sorry I forgot about you)you can feel free to send me a bokkuen I won't mind.