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Mysterious Mecha (Mark)

(Note: While this is an IC entry.. It might not be official though the MU* is open officially.)

Cornerian Military Database Accessed...
Login: Markus
Password: ********
Confirm Password: ********
Password confirmed. Access granted.
Command> run logkeep.exe


Military log:

I have finally been allowed to perform some routine space-flight drills in Meteo. The routines were simple and designed to test the SF-403's capabilities in space. The initial tests went without any glitches, and the ship held up quite well in the range of conditions the asteroid field presented.

The scanners started to scramble within the field, but that was expected since all scanners used so far within the field were disrupted by the magnetic fields generated by the larger asteroids. This created a sensor distortion throughout the area. The scanners did pick up an unusual energy disturbance during the close maneuvering cycle of the tests and further investigation revealed a visual contact with a hostile. The G-diffusers handled the fire well and repelled it as per it's secondary design.

Attempts to visually identify the hostile has failed and voice patterns were masked. The hostile's craft was a mecha, model undetermined but apparently brand new and armed with a laser rifle and what looked like a laser sabre. The hostile decided to engage in close quarters dogfighting, but evasive maneuvers were made to keep my distance from the bogey. The pilot's skill level appeared to be within military standards for the second class of pilots and the hostile made several attempts to disable my craft, all of which failed. My own attempts to batter down it's defenses were increasingly difficult at best due to it's high maneuverability, but eventually it's shield was destroyed. In what might have been a mad kamakazi, the bogey charged me with a sword drawn and one arm missing from one assault I previously launched. The anti-gravity devices in the G-diffusers were used as a thruster to escape the charge, with a nearby astroid acting as a slingshot. The anti-gravity devices showed some strain from being used in this manner since they were meant for liftoffs and landings, not this kind of stunt.

I proceeded to open fire on the hotile's thrusters and disabled it, but my attempt to tow it failed when it launched a flare and escaped while I was blinded by it's light. Visual logs of the encounter are included plus all sensor readings that could be gathered without interference from the asteroids. Recommended course of action is to increase patrols along Meteo and Sector Y. Hostile may have been working for the Andross Empire or an outside mercenary group hired by same empire. No certainty is given on those possabilities but it is likely.

Markus James McCloud
1st Lieutenant/Wing Commander
Corneria City HQ Areospace pilots squad

End Log

Command> savefile/send
Sent to Main Command Database
Command>close logkeep.exe
Command>logout Markus/shutdown
You have logged out.
Shutting down...

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