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Fortuna Battle emotional aftermath (Mark)

Cornerian Military Database Accessed...
Login: Markus
Password: ********
Confirm Password: ********
Password confirmed. Access granted.
Command> run logkeep.exe


Personal log:

This is maybe the start of a long and frightening career for me as an officer in the Cornerian Army. I dont know where to begin thoguh. Well, I'll start at the biggest chunk of it.

The other day the first fight in the war went underway over Fortuna. Andross sent a fleet to capture it, and we sent our own to meet it. It was unusual to send so many for an outpost with only a skeleton crew.

The battle was very costly for us. We lost about 70% of our forces to the Venomian fleet and while we got them to retreat I managed to take out one of their cruisers after loosing most of my wingmen. They also had a bioweapon with them and used it.

The bioweapon, a snake-like thing, destroyed one of our intact cruisers as if it was a twig. It was a monster.. It's armor.. It didnt take any damage from our weapons and while we found it's weak points in a scan, it took alot of time and fighters to kill it.. We only got lucky though.. It got a mouth full of laser when it tried to attack us and it blew up.. But it left me with a heavy heart for those that died.. I dont want to think about them alot.. It reminds me too much of their faces screaming in my dreams as they died. They deserve the awards for the fight if any, not me.. I have to go now.. Maybe I'll feel more myself when I get back..

End Log

Command> savefile
Command>close logkeep.exe
Command>logout Markus/shutdown
You have logged out.
Shutting down...

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